“WOW!  What an experience. I thought the manuscript was in reasonable shape when I sent it to you. I was wrong. I must have flunked the course on commas, capitalization, hyphenation, etc., or slept through it.

I was amazed and astounded by all the corrections the editor made. She is really good . . . a job well done. I have a new respect for the profession. Furthermore, it was a great learning experience for me.”

Dr. John Siegfried, author of Gray & Gay


“The influence of the editor is there….but is in the background and not intrusive.”

Dr. John F. Beary, former boss of Dr. John Siegfried, author of Gray & Gay


“Susan Bryant is a superb editor with a long history of excellence. Her easygoing manner and attention to detail make her a joy to work with and a true professional any writer can count on to perfect their work. I’m thrilled with the job she did on my thriller and excited about how much better it is now.”

Sharon Menear, author of upcoming Dead Stick Dawn and 2011 Royal Palm Literary Award recipient


“Susan came highly recommended and did not disappoint. She found details other editors had missed. Her attention to detail and her professional dedication made my manuscript stronger, leaner, and tighter. She was easily accessible via phone and e-mail and shared her knowledge on numerous occasions. She returned my project in a timely manner at an affordable price. Not only have I recommended Susan to others, but I am confident I will use her services in the future.”

Caryn DeVincenti, former senior editor of Fabulous 40rties Magazine


“Susan Bryant, our editor extraordinaire with 20 years’ experience as a newspaper and book editor, made fine-tuning our book easy. She saw everything we didn’t and corrected it. And Susan gently told us to limit our beloved use of clichés. Thank you, Susan.”

The Zuckerman Family, authors of The Insider’s Secrets to Home Buying


“I knew you were destined to do great things the day you walked through the door.”

Kathy Skipper, former director of the South Florida Sun Sentinel newspaper

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