How It Works

Here are the steps of the editing process:

  1. Select the tier of service you desire after an initial conversation with Susan Bryant. For a description of the tiers, click here.
  2. Decide which writing/editing style to follow, such as AP or Chicago.
  3. Identify your target audience.
  4. Submit a sample of your work for review to receive a price estimate. To see how the estimate is calculated, click here.
  5. Sign a contract for a Letter of Agreement, which protects both the client and the editor.
  6. Submit half of the payment up-front. The remainder is expected upon delivery of the edit.
  7. Deliver the entire project you want edited, preferably in a Microsoft Word document.
  8. Edits will be made using the track-changes tool in Microsoft Word, which allows writers see the corrections and suggested changes in notes mode, so they can decide whether to accept or execute them. If you prefer not to use Microsoft Word for some reason, an alternative is the Writeboard program, which sends you a password to access the protected file. It’s a user-friendly system, which makes sharing revisions and comparisons extremely easy. That way, you will see exactly what has been done.
  9. While editing, Susan strives to preserve your natural voice, tone, writing style, and personality while enhancing your rhythm and flow.
  10. After completing the project, Susan will email you her edit with corrections, suggestions, and comments. She can answer questions in a follow-up phone conversation after you have reviewed the edit, if desired. Additional phone conversations or face-to-face meetings can be negotiated.
  11. No edit of revisions are included in the fee, but final changes can be incorporated and polished in one round of revisions for about half of the original fee, if desired.

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