Tier 1: Proofreading/$35 per hour: Fact checking and correcting simple spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and grammatical errors

Tier 2: Copy editing/$40 per hour: Includes Tier 1, plus improving syntax, consistent style, redundancy, wordiness, awkward phrasing, word choice/vocabulary and clarity, weak/improper sentence structure

Tier 3: Content editing/$45 per hour: Includes Tiers 1 and 2, plus comprehensively spotting missing information and flawed logic, adding suggestions for depth, color, and details, reconstructing for overall organization, and crystallizing the focus


The amount of editing time spent on a project depends on factors such as the quality of the writing and the subject matter. So, a sample of your work is required for review to assess how long the editing will take. After your sample has been reviewed, you will receive a cost estimate based on the number of hours required to complete the editing, multiplied by the hourly rate from the tier you have chosen.

In addition to the completed edit with corrections, suggestions, and comments sent via email, the fee includes a follow-up phone conversation, if desired. Additional phone conversations or face-to-face meetings can be negotiated.

Half of the fee is required in an up-front payment, and the remainder is expected upon delivery of the edit.

Keep in mind Susan Bryant will be the sole person editing your work; she does not contract her work out to other editors. Consequently, you are guaranteed high-quality and attentive service.

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