Editing Services

Are you wondering what the term “editing” means? And perhaps exactly how an editor can help you?

Susan Bryant spent 15 years as a newspaper editor and manager, breaking down complicated information and jargon to make it easier and faster for the typical reader to understand.

Now you can benefit from her niche expertise for a reasonable price.

Simply put, she improves your writing. But finessing, polishing, and fine-tuning are more precise ways to describe it.

Copy, text, and content are industry words used to describe your writing. It’s important to keep your target audience in mind when striving to make this communication clearer and more compelling. Thus, Susan concentrates on sharpening your written message.

The majority of writers – even seasoned, professional ones — struggle to identify the reason behind what they are writing and to succinctly articulate the point or significance of what they are trying to relate. She can relieve your frustration with this by helping to crystallize your focus.

Details, flair, and organization are her forte, and deadlines are sacred to her.

Susan specializes in editing books/manuscripts and also edits query letters, resumes/cover letters, websites, blogs, newsletters, important letters, emails and memos, business proposals, training manuals, press releases, marketing materials/brochures, journal articles, and essays.

She tailors her editing services to suit your needs in three tiers, from basic proofreading to comprehensive content editing. If you are unsure which tier is best for you, she can advise you after reviewing a sample of your work.

To see the descriptions of each tier and how the pricing works, click here.

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